About us

     Founded in 2018 out of passion by Edo Bawono and few friends. STRIVE is the #1 Indonesian sports nutrition company. Currently, we offer energy bars, gels, protein bars, protein noodle, and whey protein in our product portfolio.
     STRIVE is passionate in inventing products that optimize your performance. We work closely with our R&D team and national athletes to develop products that will help them win more podiums & medals.
     We hope through our brand ambassadors we not only provide proper fuel for your sporting endeavors, but also to inspire you to always strive for your own greatness!


     Prior to Strive, my profession was a tennis player. I competed internationally representing Indonesia, reaching as high as #90 in the ITF World junior ranking.  In 1998, I received an athletic scholarship to be a member of the University of Kentucky Men’s Tennis Team.  I reached personal best ranking of #23 in NCAA Division 1, and graduated with Cum Laude majoring in Business Adminstration in 2001.

     Post tennis and graduation, I interned at an investment bank, Merril Lynch, and obtained my MBA degree in Finance and worked as a financial analyst for a couple Fortune 500 Multinational companies in Pennsylvania area until end of 2010.

     Upon returning to Indonesia, I help manage my family’s business which supplies flexible packaging to multinationals such as Unilever, Nestle, and Reckitt Benckiser.  As an ex athlete, I like to spend my spare time running marathons and competing in the world amateur cycling races. I qualified twice to the UCI World Championship age group 40-44 held in France and Italy in 2017 and 2018 respectively

     Though I am no longer a professional athlete, my active lifestyle requires proper “fueling” which was supplied from imported products. I was also suprised by little knowledge our local national athletes know about sports nutrition.

     This in-turn lead to a “light-bulb” moment for me. With my knowledge in packaging and a food scientist friend who recently graduated from Cornell, we founded Strive to provide high quality sports nutritional products to the Indonesians.

     At first, our bars were a thing of passion and were only shared with friends. Unexpectedly! More demands keep coming in.
     Having a family business in packaging and friends from food science background, we decide to go commercial.
     Our first product is Energy Bar, made from good raw materials which are abundant in Indonesia.
     This was the start to realizing our dream and commitment to always sourcing ingredients locally when possible.


     Chose STRIVE as the brand name to represent our characteristics by keep striving, surviving, and refusing to get beaten by the impossibles.


     Even though it’s not an easy way to compete with big companies, but the enthusiasm coming from consumers surprised us!

     Thus, we became brave enough to offer even more complete range of STRIVE sports nutrition.

And yes, this is just the beginning…


Our Mision

     Improve Indonesians sports performance
We support 45+ Indonesian athletes on local and international platform

Our Target

     Our main goal is to provide scientifically proven nutrition that will fuel you to reach your personal best. Improve the life quality of the consumers while ensuring their overall wellness, no matter if you are professional athletes or sports enthusiasts.

We have touched 400+ communities

Cyclist, Runners, Tennis, Swimmers, Inline skaters and many more….


Our Aspiration

     A pure hope that one day our beloved country, Indonesia, will be a powerhouse nation in sports.
     With support from STRIVE to produce more world-class athletes and local sports heroes through high-quality sports nutrition.
     But nonetheless, STRIVE is here to support those who love to do sports just like you, striving for a healthy life.